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Thanks to our exceptional high standards, we have developed a mechanism of integrated services which guarantees delivery of your project with responsibility, always respecting time and budget

Heavy Equipment & Machinery rentals

Each project has its own list of requirements and we put to our clients at their disposal the necessary equipment to provide support to fulfill every task. Our professional expertise offers solutions to streamline and make possible any structural complexity in the shortest time possible.

Design, Planning & Project Management

At CONSTSAC we are committed to provide a professional service, and to ensure we comply our client’s expectations we offer complete coordination of every aspect of a project that includes our expert know-how in planning, evaluation, budgeting, architectural and structural design, operations and maintenance, allowing us to delivered responsibly on schedule according to any stablished timeline.

Installations and prefabricated

To ensure quality finishes we make sure our buildings include architectural and decorative solutions made from: Pltycem, sheetrock, plaster, granite, stone, white carpentry, steel, iron, among others.

Land Surveying & Topography

With high precision technology, CONSTSAC offers the service of altimetric and planimetric topographic surveys for a digital georeferenced mapping of the land, as well as opportunity studies, reviews and analysis, providing our proffessionals with accurate data and the ability to project solutions of any kind in advanced.

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